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See at least my OMG collection. Itīs like, OMG! :D



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Water Starters by EstevaoPB
Water Starters
Open for commissions!

Wanted to get those guys done. They´ve been with me since i´ve got into pokemon, roughly twelve years ago. A course they´ve changed a lot! I´ll do some paper hunting and post all the versions for you guys to see. I´ll make the other two starters as well, eventually.

Water starters (part of the Mystic Tools trio)

Merman fakemon
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Toodine is small and soft, so it always stay near it´s mother. As the species evolved, it´s proto-eyes lost utility in the sea, and it´s small horn now can sense energy. The horn glow colored depending on Toodine´s emotions, basically yellow when it´s happy and blue when it´s sad.

Merman fakemon
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Signature Moves: Aqua Trident - Water - Deals damage equal to 1/3 of target´s current HP.
Mestar loves to play around and constantly goes alway from mom´s protection. At this stage, it´s eyes completely vanished. It can sense other´s energy around it and read if they´re aggressive or not.

Merman fakemon
Type: Water/Dragon
Ability: Torrent/ Swift Swim (hidden)
Signature Moves: Aqua Trident, Dragon Pike - Dragon - User thrusts a long horn at the target. Damages and nullifies any speed boosts the target might have.
Lordine is capable to read the emotions of anyone near it, making it nearly impossible to surprise. It´s hard armor and powerful tail make it able to swim through rocks in the beach. It can even move above water for a short time, as if flying.

Overall status:
Attack:          •• 
Sp. Attack:    •••
Defense:       •••
Sp. Defense: ••••
Speed:          •••

Decided to use vectors this time. A bit too... mechanic, and frustrating, but surely more clean. Let´s if it gets better in the next set.
Anchor fakemon by EstevaoPB
Anchor fakemon
Commission for hazard100 , of his Anchor fakemon family!

Original: Ancor Fakemon

Lazy Pokemon 
Ability: Rock Head/Immobile - can´t be force switched in battle (e.g via Roar)
Moveset: Vice Grip, Iron Defense, Water Gun, Wrap
Ancazy is very heavy despite it´s size. It usually lays about on the ocean floor, and grabs unsuspecting prey using the appendix on it´s head, then pinning itself on a nearby rock. 

Burden Pokemon 
Ability: Rock Head/Immobile
Moveset: Aqua Tail, Metal Burst, Slack Off, Fissure
Some say this fakemon can grab and hold a cruiser ship in place. It normally stays on one place forever, as it has no means of locomotion. The appendix on it´s head can stretch in a flash and catch anything that moves nearby. 

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